Understanding Roof Warranties September 05 2014


Understanding Roof Warranties
By Warren Bowen
Tired of not getting the full life out of your roof warranty? Well, take a look at these tips.
Roof warranties are a very difficult type of insurance. Most roof products, methods, and services that have warranty coverage require the owner to have a very clear understanding of its purpose, coverage, limits, and exclusions. After reading the warranty certificate it will be very clear to the owner that it is complex to say the least. However, every roof warranty can be mastered and you, the owner, can get the full benefit of your warranty with these basic tips.
Roof Warranty Tips:
1. Make sure your design professional goes over your warranty with you prior to acceptance of the completed roof project.
2. Be sure to understand the “OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY” and make sure you follow it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
3. Understand the limits of your warranty in service and dollar limits.
4. Get a clear understanding of the “WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS”.

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