Tips on Handling Insurance Claims July 14 2014


1. Ask for an advance against your ultimate loss:

  • Supplies
  • Rental space
  • Temporary housing/ classrooms/ offices

2. Prepare a list of everything lost in the disaster and don’t throw anything away:

  • Equipment
  • Books
  • Furniture

3. File your claim right away and press the insurance company to act ASAP:

  • Date of loss
  • Type of loss or damage
  • Location of damage
  • Any related injuries
  • Condition of facility
  • Temporary repairs

4. Secure your property to mitigate damage:

  • Protect area from elements
  • Boarding up or fencing in the area
  • Remove property that is at risk of additional damage (i.e. TV, Computers, etc.)

5. Continue paying the insurance premium. THIS IS A MUST

6. Consider hiring an Independent Loss Expert:

  • Negotiating replacement or repair
  • Management of the full process

7. Don’t worry about losing your insurance coverage

8. It is not over until “YOU” say so:

  • The longer your claim is open, the greater chance for discovering overlooked items
  • Watch out for this statement: “Acceptance of this payment will close your claim”
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