Pass Christian Case Study July 14 2014

  • Tired of all the costs associated with printers and copiers?
  • Looking for ways to offset your funding deficits?
  • Want to take control out of the hands of the vendor(s) and truly make your own decisions?
  • Would you like to budget on fixed cost versus the present variable cost?
  • Want to remove all copiers and printers from your asset audits?

NewPath can greatly reduce your print costs. Districts that have implemented our unique Managed Print Strategy have saved an average of 46% and as much as 63% on the costs associated with printing. In addition to the savings these same districts received entirely new print fleets. Our strategy is designed to give you absolute control of your printing and establishes the methods needed for a proactive approach moving forward.

When Pass Christian School District implemented NewPath’s Managed Print Strategy, the manufacturer was impressed enough to conduct and issue a National Case Study for distribution to all school districts throughout the country. NewPath reduced Pass Christian’s total costs in the print space from almost $17,000.00 a month to $6,320.00 a month while obtaining, through a bid process, the use of all NEW printers and copiers for the school district. NewPath also coordinated this solution with a neighboring school district as print volume is a key component for driving down the costs associated with these devices.

While some of the information in the case study only reflects the impact of the Samsung units portion of the total solution it more than demonstrates the power and influence of how a NewPath solution can have a positive impact on your budget, IT support, and administrative costs and the classrooms directly.

The referenced National Case Study released by Samsung is attached on the following pages. If you’d like to know more about partnering with NewPath Strategy Consultants please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultative conversation.

Download the case study.
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